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Incense Ohara no Cosmos

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A sweet incense inspired by cosmos swaying gently in the wind in the soft autumn light of Ohara no Sato.


Use by igniting the tip of the incense stick. Use non-combustible containers such as incense stands and incense burners.
Place the incense holder in a position where the ash from the incense stick does not land away from the incense plate.
Be careful not to get burned or cause a fire when using incense sticks.
Place the incense holder on a flat surface where there is no flammable material around it, and use it in an environment where it will not fall or slip. After using, make sure that the incense stick is completely extinguished before disposing of it.
This product is not edible. Do not accidentally put it in your mouth. Do not use or store this product near infants or pets to prevent them from touching it. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.
Store in a cool and dark place away from high temperatures and humidity as well as direct sunlight.