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Scented sachet Daigo no Sakura (Cherry blossoms)

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An incense sachet that you can put in your closet or bag and enjoy a delicate lingering incense.
The sachet is made of hand-woven linen and the bunch is made of silk.


The color of the string may fade if it gets wet. Be careful not to get the pouch wet.
Do not allow the pouch to come into direct contact with clothing, cloth, paper, etc. when using it as it may cause stains. Do not use or store in hot and humid places.
Do not use or store in places with high temperatures and humidity and in direct sunlight.
This product is not edible. Do not accidentally put it in your mouth. Do not use or store this product near infants or pets to prevent them from touching it. Do not use this product for anything other than its intended purpose.