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Zukoh pouch Enji (Rouge)

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A drawstring bag used for storing the incense holder. The drawstring bag is made of hand-made linen, and the logo is embroidered with gold thread. You can also use it to store small items such as jewelry.


If a thread sticks out from the linen cloth, cut it with scissors without pulling it out. The color of dark-colored pouches may fade due to the pouch rubbing strongly against other items or getting wet. As the ecru pouches are unbleached, loose threads may be visible. The embroidery is a delicate material, so be careful not to catch it on anything that could pull on the embroidery. If the pouch gets wet, wipe off any water with a dry cloth as soon as possible, and dry the pouch in the shade away from direct sunlight. As the Bead clasp is made of a fragile material, do not subject it to any severe impact of force. To clean the pouch, wipe off any dirt by gently dabbing it with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly.
The Bead clasp is not edible. Do not accidentally put it in your mouth. Do not use or store this product near infants or pets to prevent them from touching it.